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Midautumn Mist

Writing this in the past tense of many journeys blown through, reminiscing the shifting of autumn clouds... where to begin but in movement, as always, in the flow?

In September 2021, we hosted a community circling, "We Mist You" at 427, an invitation to "gather as mist & cloud, bodies of water, for the upcoming fall (of seasons, of capitalism, of climates) equinox, when our days start getting shorter & shadows longer... with libations, sound, movement, films, dances, performances & multi-sensorial feasting." So grateful to be with so many beautiful people whom I hadn't seen in almost two years of pandemic time!

IFAREO - Afro-Caribbean drumming and Orisha song, bomba plena and the Blessings

Trishia Frulla's Traumonsters - installation of crocheted dolls

The host, the chef, the drink mixer, the performer - I wear many hats!

The next day, we joined our dear friend, Kimberly Tate & the DANCITECTURE lab in a public movement offering near Prospect Park, Brooklyn, with an amaaazing crew of movers, dancers, performers & musicians! What an incredible Sunday afternoon grooving & moving

Kimberly Tate catching the lightness of joy!

In October, at the start of Filipino-American history month, we launched BABA Bisaya, a series of 7-week classes each in Hiligaynon, Sugbuanon (Cebuano) & Waray-Waray. As a Bantayanon islander, whose native language combines these three Bisayan languages and as a migrant in diaspora who knows that part of our disconnection to home roots comes from lack of access to our mother tongue, it’s important for me to initiate the bridge between seas. Read more about BABA BISAYA by Kalami Spirit Arts.

Throughout the month, we enjoyed beautiful moments with vibrant spirits in NYC Pilipino community, spontaneous beach trips, dinners, full moon walks, film screening of Kidlat Tahimik’s “Perfurmed Nightmare.”

We had the honor to meet & host Inang Siling, an indigenous culture-bearer of the Hanunuo Mangyan, visiting for Indigenous People’s Day with IPDNYC's media organizer, Lugao Kasberg.

We celebrated the work of Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho, for the New Musuem Triennale, easily the best piece in the whole show!

We pulled up to Malaya New York’s exhibition “Imperialism is Not the Heart” & then Project Barkada’s Manila Zoo. What an incredible experience connecting to the vastness of NYC’s Pilipino community!

In November, we went to Phoenix, Arizona, invited as a scholarship student for CODA Summit, Conference for Technology, Art & Place. For a brief flash, we got to dance with the saguaros, one of my favorite plant teachers.

Until next time!


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