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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Navigation Direction

From June - November 2013, I traveled in Europe & North America by backpacking, busking, hitchhiking, ride-sharing, cheap public transportation hopping, wild and urban free camping, couch surfing, dumpster diving, leaving my (eco) foot print in terrestrial locomotion. 

Having completed an undergraduate degree in anthropology, I felt compelled to embark on this voyage pushing me beyond the imaginative realm of textbook stories and colonizer representations.

This is it, my footnotes, 

    in the passage of space-time,
the body, the eye, the I. ***


***This book/blog is writing itself out in re-visited versions of 'reel-time', so I suggest these strategies for journeying amidst its transforming content:


 1) Kindly and closely read the introduction, ‘Greetings from a Computer’. Each entry thereafter falls in chronological story order. More recent entries contain fewer text, fragmented captures; the idea is this: the theories/thought-feelings desired expression will blossom along the road. Therefore, since the story runs in multiple linear and circular sequences, feel free to read through this page-portal slowly and intimately, and whenever you wish, refresh to read the updates. 


In this way, I have time to develop the critical voice of my mind's eye upon moments of more clear revelation, to comprehend and connect the multiple moving fields of perception along the bumpy voyage of human becoming. However, in the narratively writer-reader spirit of Jose Cortàzor, you could also forgo my disciplined directions entirely and read the blog in whatever order you so wish.  

2) Keep in mind that this is not a traveler's guidebook around the world nor a storybook of global adventures: it does not want to reduce the act of reading (and therefore writing) as mere sources of archived information and entertainment for e-click consumption. This here is free verse in/formed for fierce resonance. 


Here, I challenge the revelatory resurfacing of memories beyond the logics of ‘social networking.’ At the end of the digitalized day, we self-represent as cyborgs sitting behind computer screens, all filtering inner & outer worlds through shared symbols and software; only conscious efforts to mutually interconnect multiple real-times might dis/connection result in points of resolution as revolution. This is the purpose of play and practice, of communication as ritual. Not as everyday distraction, drone-scrolling the waking hours away, but repositioning the radial center of writing from the beating heart.


3) The conscious practice of mediated storytelling brings worldly relations into revitalized being through the living subject and its community of listeners. Without the kindness of others whom I have encountered, whose generous gifts have helped to sustain a mobile mode of living, this blog project would be unthinkable; to you all, in spiritual multitude, I am in endless debt and gratitude.

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