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WALANG HIYA NYC (2018-2020)

Walang Hiya (‘shameless’ in Tagalog) was a collective of multi-disciplinary artists, storytellers,
dancers, healers & shifters from Pilipinx diaspora who heal ourselves & community through art,
ritual and performance that transmutes systemically imposed/internalized sexual, cultural,
colonial shames into spiritual, mental, emotional, physical wellness and joy. We are inspired by
colonized peoples of global diaspora who have utilized song, dance, ritual and procession to
keep our spirits alive throughout imperial histories of indigenous erasure.


photo by @akirapika

We ask:

How do we Actively Heal? How do we Purposefully Love? How do we Intentionally Be? How can we dig through the contradictions of deeply embedded histories, of violence & resilience, to imagine futures, conjure myths of haunting, scandalous & erotic joy? and how might we release this with Empathy, Honesty & Kindness? How can we create a resistance that purges our internalized shame so we can uncover soft layers of joy & magic inside us? How do we reimagine how to live a shameless life? We start together. We start here.


photos by Gigi Bio

GALLIVANTING! Little Manila Walking Tour for Filipino-American Heritage Month (October 2019) w/ Sining Kapulan
Queens, New York

UNDAS w/ Bubble T (November 2019)
Brooklyn Museum | Brooklyn, New York


5th Babaylan Conference
Ontario, Canada

The Web <Virgo> Heart Roots
metaDEN | Queens, New York

Miss Walang Hiya 2019
Little Manila | Queens, New York



We come from the magic, joy, and pain of over 500 years of Pilipinx resistance. We come from our grandmothers, mothers, and sisters who have loved, shamed, and helped us grow. In the name of: Consuelo Duero Tolentino, Diana Tolentino, Adoracion, Kamalayan Kollective, Pinay Speaks, Raised Pinay, Jana Lynne Umipig, Ebony Golden, BDAC PPA, Eusebia Gatchallian Piaña, Aurelia Curameng Estavillo, Florida Balanza Gonzalez, Hermenia and John Balanza, Clara and Rodrigo Frulla, Benjamin & Vilma Bio.  We come from Araw, Buwan, Tala, Langit, Mayari, Aswangs, Babaylans, Oshun, Duendes, the Virgin Mary, and the myths we create for our future.

Angelica Janabajal Tolentino, Bomba Brown, Babay L. Angles  

Aurerose Estavillo Piana, woostalila

Trishia Frulla, TriSiya

Gigi Bio

Kimberly “Galaxxxy” Tate

Rhea Endoso

Rose Generoso

Frances Delfin

sara abdullah


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